Knights of Columbus

"You are now leaders of our great Catholic organization."
Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson

State Deputy

Bobby Pelkey

Immediate Past State Deputy

Anthony Quitugua

District Master

Joseph Yatar

General Agent

Edwin Carbonel

State Secretary

Gerard Crisostomo

State Treasurer

David Okada

State Advocate

Micky Flynn

State Warden

Frank Mendiola

District Deputy - District No. 1

David Aguon

District Deputy - District No. 2

Paul Taitano

District Deputy - District No. 3

George Franquez

Chaplain & Vocations Chairman

Fr. Joseph English

Program Director

Kenneth Duenas

Church Director

Gerard Terlaje

Round Table Chairman

Paul Taitano

Community Director

William Castro

Culture of Life Chair Couple

Gerard & Teresita Crisostomo

Special Olympics Chairman

Francisco Florig

Keep Christ in Christmas Chairman

Bobby Pelkey

Public Relations Chairman

William Castro

Newsletter/Bulletin Editor

Colin Groves

Youth Director

Kevin Delgado

Membership Director

David S. Duenas

Council Retention & Reactivation Chair

Joseph Limtiaco

Membership Retention Chairman

Insurance Promotion Chairman

Edwin Carbonel

New Council Development Chairman

Paul Taitano

Ceremonials Director

Joseph Yatar

Marian Hour Chairman